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Mark C. Atkins

Mark C. Atkins lives with his wife of 28 years and their six children in Paris, Tennessee. He has been in real estate for thirty-one years. He and his wife founded a small K-12 classical school in 2004.

Women in Combat Web 300x450 - Women In Combat
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Joyce Bennett

Descended from two Confederate soldiers, Joyce Louise Bennett lives ninety miles below the Mason Dixon in St. Mary’s County, Maryland with her son, daughter-in-law, and two of her three grandchildren. Ms. Bennett’s essays have appeared in Chronicles Magazine and on the Abbeville Institute website. And she contributed the chapter on Reconstruction in the Border States to the Society of Independent Southern Historians’ Understanding the War Between the States. Known for her country ham biscuits, cornbread, and crab cakes, her interests are her family, Cotton—her ten-year-old Bichon Frise—and Southern culture, language, and history.

Maryland My Maryland WEB 300x450 - Maryland, My Maryland
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Garry Bowers

Garry Bowers had long careers as a schoolteacher and administrator and as a deputy sheriff. He has written editorials and sports columns for three weekly newspapers, feature articles for two outdoor magazines, and written and illustrated a children’s book, Don’t Hide the Hippo. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama, with his wife Linda. They have six children and “too many grandchildren to count.”

dixie days web 300x434 - Dixie Days
Slavery and the Civil War WEB 300x450 - Slavery and the Civil War
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Jerry Brewer

Jerry C. Brewer is a native Texan whose ancestors came from Wales during the American Colonial period, settling in North Carolina and Virginia. They later migrated to Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma. Many of those served honourably in Confederate military units during the War Between the States. He was managing editor of a suburban Oklahoma City newspaper and published weekly newspapers in Chillicothe, Texas, and Sentinel, Oklahoma. He has also worked in television and film production and taught at Oklahoma City University. Besides his book for Shotwell, Brewer has published two other books, a family history entitled Unto Thy People: The Story of Our Fathers, and Unto the Churches of Galatia: A Commentary on Paul’s Epistle To The Galatians. He has also been a gospel preacher for many years throughout the South and Southwest. He is married to the former Sherlene Holley of Carter, Oklahoma. They have six children, 17 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

Dismantling the Republic WEB 300x450 - Dismantling the Republic
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Catharine Savage Brosman

Catharine Savage Brosman, Professor Emerita of French at Tulane University, has written more than 40 lauded books—scholarship on French and American literature, poetry, and familiar essays on contemporary subjects. Shotwell has published her 12th volume of verse, Chained Trees, Chained Owls, and her first volume of collected fiction, An Aesthetic Education and Other Stories. For five decades, her verse has appeared frequently all over America, especially in the Sewanee Review and Southern Review. She is considered an important scholar of French literature. Recently, her scholarship has concentrated on Southern and Southwestern literature, including women writers. For years, she and her late husband, Patric, spent their summers in Colorado, where she was born.

A reviewer of Brosman’s work has written on her “elegant style, a vision of the world that blends skeptical sophistication with generous sympathy, and an inerrant ear for representing the language that men and women actually speak . . . . Of contemporary American poets, only Catharine Savage Brosman possesses the wit, erudition, and technical skills to pull off this tour de force, a combination of lyrical travelogue and bracing, biting account of our moral and artistic decline.” Another writes of her “wit, sophistication, fearlessness, and good judgment.” And yet another critic writes of her “simply gorgeous, jaw-droppingly beautiful work.”

chained tree web orig 300x480 - Chained Tree, Chained Owls
Aesthetic Education WEB 300x450 - An Aesthetic Education
Shotwell Publishing

Andrew P. Calhoun

Andrew Pickens Calhoun, Jr.—Andy—is a resident and native of Savannah, Georgia, where he spent 40 years in administrative capacities with the Port. He is past president of the Intracoastal Waterways Association, past board member of the Savannah Maritime Association, and active in the St. Andrew’s Society, Sons of the Revolution, and Sons of Confederate Veterans. With his wife, Milree (Mackey), his best friend, soulmate, and fellow genealogist, he has 5 children and 9 grandchildren.

Andy has a keen interest in Calhoun/Colquhoun genealogy and history as well as the history of South Carolina. He began working on Calhoun genealogy in the early days of computers and before the Internet, visiting libraries and cemeteries from Savannah to Clemson. Today, he has over 60,000 names in his genealogy database of Calhoun, Pickens, Noble, and other associated families. Andy is the 3rd great-grandnephew of John C. Calhoun and the 4th great grandson of General Andrew Pickens, South Carolina Revolutionary War hero. His great-grandparents, John Francis and Rebecca Noble Calhoun, were in 1891, two of the first staff members of Clemson College, living in the Fort Hill home of John C. Calhoun and Thomas Clemson. Andy’s grandfather Patrick was a member of Clemson’s first graduating class in 1896 and Andy himself is a third generation “Son of Clemson.”

My Own Darling Wife WEB 300x431 - My Own Darling Wife
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John Chodes

John Chodes, author of two Shotwell books and numerous other publications, passed away June 5, 2020, at the age of 81. Despite being a lifelong resident of New York City, John was a strong defender of the South, especially in documenting and revealing Lincoln’s war against the South and against Northerners who disagreed with Lincoln. John wrote much other history, had several plays produced off-Broadway, was a frequent contributor to libertarian publications, and wrote a best-seller on the sport of running.

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Segregation WEB 300x450 - Segregation
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Walter Brian Cisco

Historian Walter Brian Cisco is author of the classic War Crimes Against Southern Civilians, republished by Shotwell in a new edition (2021). His other works include States Right Gist (1992 selection of the History Book Club); Taking a Stand: Portraits from the Southern Secession Movement; and definitive biographies of the poet Henry Timrod and of Wade Hampton, the latter winner of the 2006 Douglas Southall Freeman History Award. Mr. Cisco lives in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

WarCrimes 300x458 - War Crimes Against Southern Civilians
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Ted Ehmann

Ted Ehmann is an artist, historian and bio-regionalist. A New Jersey native, in 1989 he founded Penn’s Valley Greens, an ecological conference for the Delaware River Valley. Since 2016 he has been a deeply involved citizen of Charlotte County, Florida. His books include The People of the Great Circle, telling the 25 century prehistory and history of the mound-building Indians of the Southeast, and a lively history of Charlotte County for its bicentennial. Boom & Bust in Bone Valley combines his knowledge of archeology, history, and bio-regionalism to tell the story of what destructive phosphate mining has done to Florida.

BoomBust 300x465 - Boom & Bust in Bone Valley
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Don Gordon

Born in the Capitol City of Columbia, Don Gordon is a native South Carolinian and graduate of the University of South Carolina. He is an active member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Past Lieutenant Commander of South Carolina Division, and former co-Host of Radio Free Dixie.

SnowballsChance 300x462 - Snowball's Chance
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Paul C. Graham

Paul C. Graham is co-founder, co-owner, and Managing Director of Shotwell Publishing. He holds an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of South Carolina and has been a college philosophy instructor. He has published numerous articles and lectured widely on Southern subjects and has appeared on CBS Nightly News, AP, NPR, the BBC, and other local, national, and international news programs and publications. Graham is the author of Confederaphobia: An American Epidemic and editor of When the Yankees Come: Former South Carolina Slaves Remember Sherman’s Invasion.

WTYC2cover 300x463 - When the Yankees Come
Confederaphobia WEB 300x450 - Confederaphobia
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T.L. Hulsey

Terry Hulsey is a retired computer programmer, now living in Llano, Texas. With ancestors in Texas and Georgia, he considers himself a Southerner—one now with time to elaborate the themes of secession, sortition, and the cultural loss of self-confidence in the West.

25TexasHeroes 300x450 - 25 Texas Heroes
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Randall Ivey

Randall Ivey is a native of Upcountry South Carolina and senior instructor in English at the University of South Carolina-Union where he has seven times been named Distinguished Teacher of the Year. Besides short stories, which have received numerous prizes, he is the author of a children’s book, Jay and the Bounty of Books, an entertaining tale of the triumph of books over television. Ivey is the founder and director of the annual Upcountry Literary Festival, which has featured readings by noted writers.

New England Romance WEB 300x457 - A New England Romance
Shotwell Publishing

Joseph Jay

Joseph Jay grew up in the Northeast but frequently went on family trips to the Deep South as a boy. It was on these trips that Joseph visited Civil War battlefields and became enamoured with Southern history and culture. Joseph dedicated his life to Christ at a young age and became involved in church ministry in his teenage years. After completing a bachelor of arts in history at a state school, he went on to earn a master of divinity from a Southern Baptist seminary. When not engaged in academic pursuits Joseph enjoys outdoor activities and playing music on his guitar. You can most likely find Joseph studying and sharing about the rare old times.

Sacred Conviction WEB 300x431 - Sacred Conviction
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Suzanne P. Johnson

Suzanne Parfitt Johnson was born at Fort McPherson, Georgia, and spent most of her life living at United States Air Force and Army installations. While working for the Directorate of Engineering and Housing, United States Army South, she published several histories of the US military installations along the Panama Canal, including An American Legacy in Panama. She has worked as the Collections Manager of the Fairfield County Museum in Winnsboro, SC, since 2015.

Maxcy Greggs Sporting Journal WEB 300x449 - Maxcy Gregg's Sporting Journals 1842-1858
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James R. Kennedy & Walter D. Kennedy

James Ronald (Ron) and Walter Donald (Donnie) Kennedy were born and reared in Mississippi. Each received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisiana- Monroe. Ron holds a Master’s degree in Health Administration (MHA) from Tulane University and a Master’s of Jurisprudence in Health Law (MJ) from Loyola University, Chicago. Donnie is a graduate of Charlotte Memorial Medical Center School of Anesthesia, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Their book, The South Was Right! may be said to have initiated the modern Southern movement and has sold over 135,000 copies. Shotwell published in 2020 the third edition, updated for the 21st century. Many in the media have noted the Kennedy Twins advocacy of limited government—that is, real States’ Rights—which have led to many interviews and TV appearances. The Kennedy Twins have been interviewed by numerous local and national talk radio shows including Col. Oliver North’s radio show, Alan Colmes’ radio show, Bill Maher’s show Politically Incorrect, BBC, French National TV, Louisiana Public Broadcasting TV and Mississippi Public Broadcasting radio and TV.

Both have served as Commander of the Louisiana Division Sons of Confederate Veterans. They have received special recognition awards from the National Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal from the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and numerous other awards from various Southern Heritage organisations. The Kennedy Twins are frequent speakers at civic associations, church groups, patriotic groups, and Southern Heritage conferences.

TSWR Web 300x450 - The South Was Right!
when rebel was cool web orig - When Rebel Was Cool
Yankee Empire WEB 300x448 - Yankee Empire
PunishedWithPoverty 300x457 - Punished With Poverty
DixieRising CVR KINDLE 300x450 - Dixie Rising
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James E. Kibler, Jr.

James Everett Kibler, Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Georgia, has, like such classic Southern writers as Poe, Warren, Berry, and Chappell, excelled in several different branches of literature. He is the foremost scholar in the study of William Gilmore Simms, having founded and long edited The Simms Review and created the definitive editions of Simms’s scattered poetry and criticism. Born and raised in upcountry South Carolina, Kibler spends much of his spare time tending to the renovation of an 1804 plantation home and the reforestation of the surrounding acreage. This home served as the subject of Our Fathers’ Fields: A Southern Story, for which he was awarded the prestigious Fellowship of Southern Writers Award for Nonfiction in 1999 and the Southern Heritage Society’s Award for Literary Achievement. Kibler is also a published poet with Poems from Scorched Earth and the author of a four-volume fiction series on contemporary Upcountry South Carolina. Shotwell has published Tiller, the last volume of this series.

Tiller WEB 300x450 - Tiller
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Lewis Liberman

The late Lewis Liberman was a professional graphic artist, writer, award winning illustrator, proud Southerner, and totally awesome Generation Xer. When not working as an educator, or poking a little fun at the lunacy of the left and the radicals in “Yankee-dom”, he enjoyed reading, playing music, serving the Lord, and spending time with family.

Snowflake Buddies WEB 300x388 - Snowflake Buddies
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Philip Leigh

Philip Leigh is a prolific and outstanding non-academic historian, especially admired for his classic Southern Reconstruction. He contributed twenty-four articles to The New York Times Disunion blog, which commemorated the Civil War Sesquicentennial. He is the author of U.S. Grant’s Failed Presidency, Lee’s Lost Dispatch and Other Civil War Controversies, Trading With the Enemy, and Causes of the Civil War. Leigh has lectured at numerous historical fora including many Civil War Roundtables.

causes of the civil war web 300x452 - Causes of the Civil War
US Grants Failed Presidency WEB 300x450 - U.S. Grant's Failed Presidency
Devils Town WEB 300x450 - The Devil's Town
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Michael Martin

Michael Martin is a teacher, writer, and historian with experience working in both public and private schools. He currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and daughter, where he specializes in early Virginia history, genealogy, and the emerging field of sensory history.

Southern Grit WEB 300x450 - Southern Grit
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Jack Marquardt

John Marquardt is a native of Connecticut but a Southerner at heart. After attending the University of Georgia, Marquardt realised the truth and the value of the Southern tradition. He served in World War II and spent his career in international trade. He currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. His Japanese wife loves Charleston and Savannah and admires Southern culture.

eighty years web orig 300x450 - Around the World in Eighty Years
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Samuel Mitcham

Dr. Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr., received his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. A retired professor of geography and military history, he is the author of 40 books on World War II and the War for Southern Independence, including Bust Hell Wide Open: The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest, It Wasn’t About Slavery: The Great Lie of the Civil War, and The Greatest Lynching in American History: New York, 1863, the last released by Shotwell Publishing.

The Greatest Lynching WEB 300x450 - The Greatest Lynching in American History
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Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore brings 25 years’ experience in Washington, DC in national defense, foreign policy, and international trade to his writing of fiction. He was the author of two historical novels, The Hunt for Confederate Gold and No Villains, No Heroes prior to Shotwell’s publication of A Fatal Mercy: The Man Who Lost the Civil War. A graduate of The Citadel, he earned an MA in National Security Affairs from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He attended University College Cork, Ireland, where he earned an MA in History of the Irish Revolution and an MA in Creative Writing, both with First Class Honours. Thomas and his wife Rhonda live in Aiken, SC.

Fatal Mercy WEB 300x450 - A Fatal Mercy
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Gregory Newson

Artist and graphic designer Gregory Newson was born in the Harlem community of New York City.

Gregory was introduced to art in middle school and fell in love with it. After middle school, he received a scholarship and attended the Art and Design High School of New York City and later the New York School of Visual Arts. Upon completing his formal education, Gregory worked at the prestigious Viking Press as Assistant Art Director to Mel Williamson before working as Art Director for several New York City advertising agencies.

In 2014 he founded Newson Publishing. It was at this time that he began pursuing the history of black Confederates. From his research Gregory created the character “Uncle Gregory” and appears in this persona at Civil War reenactments across the country.
He is the author/illustrator of many books including Get Forrest, Nellie The War Chick: A true Civil War Story, and Stonewall Jackson and the Uppity Spy.

The artwork in Robert E. Lee: A History for Kids represents the spiritual Influence of Southern culture and its people on Gregory’s life. He prays that every family gets the opportunity to go and participate in a Civil War reenactment and camp out with their families on the battlefields of  America.

REL HistoryBookForKids 300x233 - Robert E. Lee: A History Book for Kids
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Charles T. Pace

Charles T. Pace, M.D., a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, practiced general medicine and ophthalmology in Greenville, North Carolina, for over 50 years. He has four children.

Southern Independence WEB 300x451 - Southern Independence: Why War?
Lincoln As He Really Was WEB 300x450 - Lincoln As He Really Was
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Brandi Perry

Brandi Perry was born and raised in Columbia, Mississippi. Those closest to Brandi knew she was destined to be a writer from an early age. She is an avid traveler and adventurer, and all of Brandi’s novels include the places that are dear to heart. More times than not, you can see a little bit of her hometown in every book. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi, she taught for six years before emergency brain surgery detoured her life. As part of the therapy process, Brandi started writing and within a year after her surgery, Wayward Justice was released. Her second novel, A Whisper on the Bayou, was nominated for the Mississippi Library Association Fiction Book of the Year. Buried Cries was released in 2012 and immediately brought home Publish America’s Fiction Cover of the Year Award. That same year, Brandi was asked to represent the State of Mississippi during Arts and Literature Month, an honor she held 2012-2015 and 2018. In 2014, with the release of The Jury, Brandi was nominated for the Mississippi Governor’s Art Award and in 2017 she was Runner-Up for the Signature Magazine Author of the Year Award. She published Splintered with Gold-Bug Books, a Shotwell imprint, in 2018.

Splintered WEB 300x457 - Splintered
author JamesRoesch 300x300 - Authors

James R. Roesch

James Rutledge Roesch received his Bachelor of Arts in Classics from Bucknell University and his Master of Business Administration from Claremont Graduate University. He is married to a beautiful and brilliant Armenian woman whom he met in California. He lives in Florida, where he is an active member in the Sons of the American Revolution and Sons of Confederate Veterans. Despite his respect for Lee’s character, he shares Longstreet’s love of whiskey and tobacco.

From Founding Father WEB 300x450 - From Founding Fathers to Fire-Eaters
author KirkpatrickSale 300x300 - Authors

Kirkpatrick Sale

Kirkpatrick Sale is the author of a dozen iconoclastic books, including the devolutionist, small-government classic Human Scale. A prolific and highly independent scholar and journalist, he has published hundreds of articles. In keeping with his devolutionist perspective, Sale has been a leader of the Second Vermont Republic and the director of the Middlebury Institute. He has been called “the father of modern secessionist movements.” Since moving from New England to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, he has been a delegate to the Southern National Congress.

Emancipation Hell WEB 300x444 - Emancipation Hell
AnneWilsonSmith Sep2021 300x300 - Authors

Anne Wilson Smith

Anne Wilson Smith was born and raised in the Carolinas by a family who believed that Southern history was something to be cherished. This stood in sharp contrast to what she often encountered outside the home. Even as a child it became obvious to Smith that Southern history was often misunderstood or misrepresented, especially in the schools. She once got into hot water arguing with her fifth-grade teacher about Abraham Lincoln!

Anne is the daughter of preeminent Southern historian and scholar Clyde N. Wilson. Over the course of her father’s half-century long career, she has met many people who openly and unapologetically expressed their love for the people and history of Dixie. These associations naturally affected her views of the South. It is Smith’s belief that fair treatment of Southern history, especially the Confederate era, can instill pride and a natural affection in Southern youth for their ancestors and affirm their sense of identity.

CharlottesvilleUntold 300x450 - Charlottesville Untold
REL HistoryBookForKids 300x233 - Robert E. Lee: A History Book for Kids
author KarenStokes - Authors

Karen Stokes

Karen Stokes, an archivist at the South Carolina Historical Society in Charleston, is the prolific author of nine history books on South Carolina during the War Between the States, all based on primary manuscript sources. These include, among others, South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s PathThe Immortal 600A Confederate EnglishmanConfederate South CarolinaDays of Destruction, and A Legion of Devils: Sherman in South Carolina. She has also written works of historical fiction published by Shotwell including Belles, Carolina Love Letters, The Immortals, and Honor in the Dust. 

Soldiers Ghost WEB 300x457 - The Soldier's Ghost
Immortals WEB 300x444 - The Immortals
Honor in the Dust WEB 300x444 - Honor in the Dust
CarolinaTwilight 300x452 - Carolina Twilight
Carolina Love Letters WEB 300x450 - Carolina Love Letters
Belles WEB 300x450 - Belles
author WilliamThomas 300x300 - Authors

William A. Thomas, Jr.

Dr. Thomas is a retired U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon. He lives in Augusta, Georgia, with his wife Paula Anne Haley. She is the great granddaughter of Robert Haley who is a central figure in Dr. Thomas’s novel and first book, Runaway Haley, published by Shotwell’s literary imprint, Green Altar Books.

RunawayHaleyAwardCover 300x462 - Runaway Haley
JackTrotter 300x300 - Authors

Jack Trotter

Jack Trotter is a professor of English Literature, a freelance editor, a frequent writer for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture and a contributing scholar at the Abbeville Institute. He is a native of Tennessee but has resided for many years in Charleston, South Carolina.
LastTrainToDixie 300x455 - Last Train to Dixie
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Leslie Tucker

Leslie R. Tucker was born in New Mexico, raised in California, but has lived most of his life in Oklahoma. He is a very proud 5th generation Okie! He was awarded the Ph.D. by Oklahoma State University. Although Dr. Tucker has retired from teaching, he continues with independent research. He is proud to have many Confederate ancestors and has been active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans since 1985. He has served in many capacities in the SCV including Oklahoma Division Commander and on the General Staff under several National Commanders.

Old Times WEB 300x450 - Old Times There Should Not Be Forgotten
author JohnVinson 300x300 - Authors

John Vinson

John Vinson, a native of Athens, Georgia, has been the president of the American Immigration Control Foundation since 1990 and was editor for Americans for Immigration Control from 1996 to 2003. Vinson is a graduate of Duke University (MA, History) and the University of Georgia (MA, Historic Preservation). His career includes working at the Savannah Morning News as an editorial writer; editorial page editor for the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph; and as a writer for the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission and the Small Business Development Center, both in Athens, Georgia.

Southerner Take Your Stand WEB 300x444 - Southerner, Take Your Stand!
author HowardWhite 300x300 - Authors

Howard R. White

Since retiring from a successful career as a chemical engineer, Howard Ray White has become a prolific historian of the War for Southern Independence. He is inspired, as he has written, by the bloodstains he saw while growing up, that are still on the floors of a family house that was a hospital during the Battle of Nashville in 1864. The first product of this interest was Bloodstains, a 4-volume history containing a wealth of unique perspectives and forgotten facts about the war. He has also produced over 100 programs for Charlotte Public Access Television. He is co-founder with Clyde Wilson of the Society of Independent Southern Historians. Besides other history, White has published two works of fiction on the War—The CSA Trilogy (what could have happened if the South had won) and R.E. Lee, Edmund Ruffin, and Slavery which centers around a black Southern family who struggle with the question of whether their true friends are Northerners or fellow Southerners who are white.

Two other works of White have been published by Shotwell: Understanding Creation and Evolution and How Southern Families Made America . . .1607—1836.

Understanding Creation and Evolution WEB 300x450 - Understanding Creation and Evolution
how southern families 300x451 - How Southern Families Made America
author ClydeWilson - Authors

Clyde N. Wilson

Clyde Wilson is Distinguished Emeritus Professor of History at the University of South Carolina where he was the editor of the multi-volume The Papers of John C. Calhoun. He is the M.E. Bradford Distinguished Chair at the Abbeville Institute. He is the author or editor of over thirty books and over 700 articles, essays, and reviews. Dr. Wilson is co-founder and co-publisher of Shotwell Publishing, a source for unreconstructed Southern books. 

Yankee Problem WEB 300x450 - The Yankee Problem
War Between the States 60 Essential WEB 300x475 - The War Between the States
Old South 50 Essential WEB 300x480 - The Old South
Reconstruction and the New South 50 Essential WEB 300x480 - Reconstruction and the New South, 1865-1913
Lies - Lies My Teacher Told Me
Annals of the Stupid Party WEB 300x450 - Annals of the Stupid Party
author MartinWilson 300x300 - Authors

Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson has written on a multitude of topics ranging from history to financial services to agriculture. He grew up in the North Carolina foothills where his ancestors settled before the American Revolution. He lives in Mechanicsville, Virginia, and draws upon his Southern agrarian heritage to produce a garden laden with the earth’s bounty. He enjoys reading Poe, Faulkner and Twain. Stop by to enjoy a Hanover Tomato sandwich and swap tales with him.

To Jekyll and Hide WEB 300x407 - To Jekyll and Hide
author JoeWolverton 300x300 - Authors

Joe Wolverton

Joe A. Wolverton, II, J.D, practiced Constitutional law for some years in Tennessee. His articles have appeared regularly in national and international publications and he is the author of The Real James Madison. He is working on a book about the 37 writings most influential on the Founding Fathers. He is planning “to settle with his family on a farm where the only way you’ll ever find him is if he wants you to.”

What Degree of Madness WEB 300x450 - What Degree of Madness?
author WalterKirkWood - Authors

Walter Kirk Wood

Dr. Wood is Professor of History Emeritus of Alabama State University and the author of many scholarly articles and the meticulously researched 3-volume Nullification: A Constitutional History. Wood’s Beyond Slavery is the first installment of a forthcoming larger work.

Beyond Slavery WEB 300x451 - Beyond Slavery
Lies Confederaphobia - Authors

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