Col. John Singleton Mosby

In the News 1862-1916

V.P. Hughes

Col. John Singleton Mosby In The News 1862-1916 chronicles the life and times of civil war partisan leader, Col. John Singleton Mosby. Hughes’s account is derived from newspaper articles written about and by the legendary “Gray Ghost” from 1862 when he first came to the attention of the national press, through 1916, the year of his passing.

With over 750 pages of text, hundreds of newspaper articles, 25+ images, and running biographical narrative, this revised and expanded edition of Hughes’s study of Mosby is unique in the genre being both the story of his life from 1862 and reference resource with many obscure and heretofore unknown primary accounts from newspapers of the time.

Note: The previous edition of this book was entitled A Thousand Points of Truth.

Paperback ISBN: 9781947660649

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