Dixie Rising

Rules for Rebels

James R. Kennedy

The 2020 Presidential election demonstrates that conservative Americans are no longer citizens of a free Republic but are the subjects of America’s neo-Marxist shadow government. Blue State America is dominated by neo-Marxists who are determined to destroy all traditional, conservative, values—they are at war with Christian, Western civilization. Business-as-usual politics has made us slaves to America’s Blue State neo-Marxist government. Business-as-usual politics will not save us!

The Southern people are in a struggle for their existence as a people. If things continue as they have been, we will lose. In Dixie Rising: Rules for Rebels the Kennedys propose nothing less than a radical change of approach to the struggle—an approach that discards the losing game of conventional politics. This book is a field manual for what they call “irregular political warfare.”

Dixie Rising provides the tools by which activists can change the current situation and move towards restoring the original Constitutional federal union of self-governing States that our forefathers established. If such a program succeeds, it will be a boon not only to Southerners but to all freedom-loving Americans.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1947660472

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