Southerner, Take Your Stand!

​Reclaim Your Identity, Reclaim Your Life

John Vinson

The title and message of John Vinson’s book is one in the same: Southerner, Take Your Stand!

This is not an empty call to action or pining for the good ol’ days, but a practical guide to reclaiming your identity and your life. Although this book is specific to Southerners, the discerning reader will view Vinson’s work as applicable to any individual, family, or community that wants to separate themselves—as far as possible—from the “Establishment” and get back to the basics of faith, family, community, sustainable living, and self-sufficiency. This road to independence is fraught with danger and hardships, but the alternative route is a road to both moral and material ruin:

“The time is ripe to set a new course of living and making a living.  Southerners and other Americans must understand that to depend on the Establishment is to participate in our own destruction.  If we are to be saved, we must save ourselves by striking out on our own, a person at a time, a family at a time, and a community at a time, to build a future worth living as free men and women…. Be warned that the route to Southern renewal will offer hardship, toil, and difficulty. It will require blazing new trails while following ancient directions.  It is not a mission for weaklings.”

The author’s hope is that this book will “rouse the Southern remnant and provide new ideas for action.”

Paperback ISBN: 978-0692623206

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