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The Deep State Assassination of Martin Luther King

John Avery Emison


Most Americans are not aware that James Earl Ray was never convicted by trial in open court of the murder of Martin Luther King. He was sentenced to life in prison on the basis of an ambiguous 4-minute confession obtained after weeks of literal torture. There were so many holes in the government’s case that if Ray had been tried in open court he would have been found not guilty. He repudiated the “confession” as soon as he could and sought for the rest of his life to have his case tried. There were respectable, able lawyers willing to defend him, but several government agencies pulled out all the stops to prevent him from ever having a trial. And why did the notorious CIA man James Jesus Angleton have a file on Ray for a domestic murder case?

John Avery Emison has spent years in painstaking, multi-faceted research which he meticulously displays in this book. His conclusion is that Cold Warriors in the U.S. government got rid of King because he threatened to disrupt the Vietnam War draft. It was easy to make the public believe that the great civil rights leader was killed by an obsessed Southern racist. But Ray was not Southern, no more “racist” than millions of people at the time, and was an inept small-time crook, a patsy incapable of the assassination, who was mysteriously financed before and after the event.

Paperback, 540 pages with photographs, illustrations, and tables

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-947660-90-8

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