The Substitute

Perrin Lovett


Dr. Thomas “Tom” Ironsides is a fearsome man for a fearsome challenge. Widely regarded as one of the most effective and most dangerous paramilitary officers in modern clandestine history, he is a monster in his own right—a deadly warrior, possessed of keen intelligence, determined to defend civilization. Retired from the USMC and the CIA, he finds a new mission on the battlefield of public education. There he finds eerie connections to the wars, terror, and plots he thought he had finally left behind. Can one man turn the impossible tide?

In Tom’s own words, in late 2019, in person to a cadre of US education officials and intelligence officers:

This most certainly is a war, one for the soul of the nation. And we’re losing. America’s schools are beyond broken, they are anti-civilizational. Devoid of intellectualization, cultured discourse, responsibility, and freedom, they produce a dull and disinterested citizenry, incapable of understanding, reasoning, or caring. They are a dire threat and a menace not only to our young but to our very existence as a society. Even worse, far more insidious schemes lurk deep within the web of lies and fraud wrought around the hell of lower academia. But that’s by design, isn’t it? Are any of you going to answer me? Some of you claim you want to fight for our children. You lie. But, my little weasels, that is exactly what I’m about to do right now. We can do this the easy way … or the fun way. Call’s about to be mine.

Learn more about the protagonist, Tom Ironsides, in this fictional “interview” with the author, Perrin Lovett. They can reconstruct the language of the James Bond novels to conform to “woke” modernity, but let them try to do the same with Dr. Thomas Ironsides! This will be the first of what we hope to be several books in the Tom Ironsides series.

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1947660816

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