The Real First Thanksgiving

Charles H. Hayes

In the founding of the United States, Southerners made the history while New England Yankees wrote the history and took credit for everything, including Thanksgiving.

In The Real First Thanksgiving by author and illustrator Charles Hayesa young lad named Jeffery finds out the truth about the first Thanksgiving when a magical, swashbuckling mouse named Horatio Algernon takes him on an enchanting (and educational) journey through space and time—not to Massachusetts in 1620 with the “Pilgrim Fathers” as Jeffery had expected, but to Virginia in 1607!

Grab a seat, gather the young ones around you, and set out on your own literary adventure as you discover with Jeffery and Horatio the true story of the first Thanksgiving.

You’ll want to keep this one for your children and grandchildren!

Paperback ISBN: 9781947660953

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