Old Times There Should Not Be Forgotten

Cultural Genocide in Dixie

Leslie Tucker

Historian Dr. Leslie R. Tucker has thought long and hard about the injustice of the current jihad in America against the historic and still existing Southern people. The result is this careful, candidly unreconstructed review of the history of the South which rejects the “freeing the slaves” interpretation of the War Between the States and demonstrates forcefully that Southerners have little for which to apologise and certainly less than our fervid critics.

Leslie R. Tucker, Ph.D. is an Oklahoman. He is the author of Major General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble: A Biography of a Baltimore Confederate; Brigadier General John Adams, CSA: A Biography; Magnolias and Cornbread: An Outline of Southern History for Unreconstructed Southerners; and Tribulations of an Old Hippy: One Confused Neo-Confederate Existentialist Baby Boomer.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1947660274

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