Union Terror

Debunking the False Justifications for Union Terror Against Southern Civilians in the American Civil War

Jeffrey F. Addicott


Union Terror is a cutting-edge book for our day. Drawing from his vast real-world background as the senior legal advisor for the U.S. Army Special Forces, Professor Addicott not only pulls back the curtain on the Union’s command approved use of terror tactics against Southern civilians during the American Civil War, he also persuasively rebuts all the fallacious justifications proffered to excuse the widespread war-crimes committed by the chief purveyor, William T. Sherman.

In this he has done us all—educators, the military, and the wider public—a great service in detailing the necessity to apply these key historical lessons so that such despicable violations of the rule of law are never repeated.

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1947660823

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