The Dreadful Frauds

Critical Race Theory and Identity Politics

Philip Leigh


Critical Race Theory and Identity Politics are two of the most dreadful frauds ever. They are based on the false premise that America is in perpetual conflict between oppressor and victim classes. Moreover, your status as an oppressor is determined by immutable personal features such as skin color or gender. Regardless of your character or behavior you are deemed to be a racist oppressor if you are white and a sexist oppressor if you are male. The two dogmas conversely teach that if you are black or female you are a victim and can never control your destiny through personal industry and foresight. Neither, consequently, can you be held accountable for any lack of industry and foresight.

Ultimately Critical Race Theory and Identity Politics aim to destroy America’s traditional meritocracy. They have infected government, military, media, and business organizations with indoctrination cessions that demonize white males and teach that they must step aside to make way for racial and gender equity. Such teachings even extend into K-12 Public Education. A 2021 Yale University survey revealed that 35% of students first learned about Critical Race Theory in high school.

Historian Philip Leigh is the author of nine books, including some on controversial aspects of American history. In The Dreadful Frauds he explains the nature and consequences of Critical Race Theory, its Identity Politics enforcement arm, and the damage they are doing to our civilization.

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Paperback ISBN: 9781947660625

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