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Runaway Haley

William A. Thomas, Jr.

In 1958 Ruby Haley received a letter from her uncle, answering some questions about their family history. That document sets the stage for a tremendous debut novel from William Thomas.

Escaping poverty and looking for opportunity, Michael Haley came to America from Ireland in 1847. He married above his station, had a life of adventure, hard work, and tragedy, but died young—leaving his children orphaned. Runaway Haley is a fictional family saga, imagining what might have happened in the lives of two generations of the Haley family in the deep South in centuries past.

Filled with heartache and struggle; set against the backdrop of the Civil War, reconstruction, plagues of disease, and incredible challenges; the Haleys persevered. Strengthened by the desire to keep their family together, they never abandoned their dreams.

This imaginative fiction fills in the gaps where the family and historical records fall short. As a reclamation of the Haley family story, Dr. Thomas joins other Southern writers who demonstrate what James Ronald Kennedy describes as follows:

In the South, history is a living thing. Yankees and scalawag Southerners get their history from history books by Yankees to glorify Yankee heroes and ideas. . . but Southerners, we get history from our family.

Dr. Thomas’s work goes beyond the story encapsulated in this book. He has also established a website to gather more family stories and share them as they become available. Please visit TheRunawayHaleyStory.com for more information!

Paperback ISBN: 978-1947660380

Hardback ISBN: 978-1947660366

Runaway Haley

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