The Complete Shotwell Catalogue

25 Texas Heroes
A Fatal Mercy
A Legion of Devils
A New England Romance
An Aesthetic Education
Annals of the Stupid Party
Around the World in Eighty Years
Beyond Slavery
Boom & Bust in Bone Valley
Carolina Love Letters
Carolina Twilight
Causes of the Civil War
Chained Tree, Chained Owls
Charlottesville Untold
Dismantling the Republic
Dixie Days
Dixie Rising
Emancipation Hell
From Founding Fathers to Fire-Eaters
Honor in the Dust
How Southern Families Made America
Last Train to Dixie
Lies My Teacher Told Me
Lincoln As He Really Was
Maryland, My Maryland
Maxcy Gregg’s Sporting Journals 1842-1858
My Own Darling Wife
Nullifying Federal and State Gun Control
Old Times There Should Not Be Forgotten
Punished With Poverty
Reconstruction and the New South, 1865-1913
Robert E. Lee: A History Book for Kids
Runaway Haley
Sacred Conviction
Slavery and the Civil War
Snowball’s Chance
Snowflake Buddies
Southern Grit
Southern Independence: Why War?
Southerner, Take Your Stand!
The Devil’s Town
The Greatest Lynching in American History
The Immortals
The Old South
The Real First Thanksgiving
The Soldier’s Ghost
The South Was Right!
The South, 20th Century and Beyond
The War Between the States
The Yankee Problem
To Jekyll and Hide
U.S. Grant’s Failed Presidency
Understanding Creation and Evolution
War Crimes Against Southern Civilians
Washington’s KKK
What Degree of Madness?
What Really Happened? Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence, Kansas
When Rebel Was Cool
When the Yankees Come
Women In Combat
Yankee Empire
25 Texas Heroes

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