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The Political Lynching of a Southern Cop

Joshua Doggrell


Joshua Doggrell was a well-respected police lieutenant on the Anniston, Alabama force. Interested in Southern history and identity, he was a member of the League of the South. His membership was well-known for years and had been officially declared acceptable as a right of his private citizenship. Not the slightest hint of “racism” could be found in his work or private life—far from it. He was considering resigning from the League because of tendencies he did not agree with.

Then, in June 2015 he was subjected to a hit piece “exposure” by the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center. Without his knowledge he was fired the next day by the mayor at a press conference, in disregard of all the legal personnel policy requirements.

In thoughtful retrospect Doggrell, in Doxed, describes the injuries inflicted on his life and family by the city’s action and the lack of integrity and honesty on the part of public officials at every level.

Doxing—the calculated destruction of private life of individuals by Woke organisations zealous in suppressing freedom of opinion—has now been inflicted on numerous Americans. It can be done to anyone at any time. Doggrell’s book lets us know about this awful reality.

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