Green Altar Books

Green Altar Books

Southern literature is the glory of American culture. Faulkner, O’Connor, Warren, Lytle, Davidson, Gordon, Percy, Chappell, Berry will be known as long as Western civilization survives and long after today’s politicians, “experts,” and celebrity writers are forgotten. Another of the greats, George Garrett, wrote that “all signs indicate that Southern literature, far from being on its last legs and far from representing a falling off from earlier and better days, seems very much alive.” We support Garrett’s witness by establishing Green Altar Books—a collection of Southern fiction and poetry.  

RunawayHaleyAwardCover 300x462 - Runaway Haley
Soldiers Ghost WEB 300x457 - The Soldier's Ghost
Immortals WEB 300x444 - The Immortals
Honor in the Dust WEB 300x444 - Honor in the Dust
CarolinaTwilight 300x452 - Carolina Twilight
Belles WEB 300x450 - Belles
Maxcy Greggs Sporting Journal WEB 300x449 - Maxcy Gregg's Sporting Journals 1842-1858
New England Romance WEB 300x457 - A New England Romance
chained tree web orig 300x480 - Chained Tree, Chained Owls
Aesthetic Education WEB 300x450 - An Aesthetic Education
Fatal Mercy WEB 300x450 - A Fatal Mercy
Tiller WEB 300x450 - Tiller
Lies Confederaphobia - Green Altar Books

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