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Lincoln, Marx, and the GOP

Walter D. Kennedy, Al Benson, Jr.


While most Americans view Abraham Lincoln as a near god, there is a side of Mr. Lincoln and the Republican Party that has gone unspoken, until now. For example:

  • Lincoln was the first U. S. President to have a communist in his cabinet and receive complimentary communications from Karl Marx. Even Adolf Hitler and a Communist Chinese Military spokesman have offered praise for Lincoln’s effort in subjugating the South.
  • The growth of the GOP was enhanced by many Marxists and socialists.
  • Radical socialist and Marxists played a key role in the GOP’s nomination and election of Lincoln.
  • When Lincoln determined to invade the South, communists and radical socialists quickly joined the Union Army. Several close friends of Karl Marx became general officers in Lincoln’s Army.
  • Why did these radical socialists and Marxist feel a kinship with Abraham Lincoln, the GOP, and the desire for the destruction of an independent South?

Communists finding Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party objects worthy of their zeal and efforts speaks volumes as to why post-Appomattox America has adopted most if not all the early American socialist/communist goals. The South had no such friends.

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