Annals of the Stupid Party

Republicans Before Trump

The Wilson Files

Clyde N. Wilson

In this installment of The Wilson Files, we turn our attention to Dr. Clyde Wilson’s collected writings on the “Grand Old Party.”

Rush Limbaugh recently told his audience that for years he had been misled to believe that the Republican Party was a barrier to the leftist agenda. He now knows better.

Clyde Wilson has been saying the same thing for almost half a century.

The Republicans are not a political party at all, but an electioneering machine. The dominant elements of the party care nothing for ideas, principles, values. They are, as Wilson has documented through all recent history, interested only in tactics that they think will get them the powers and perks of office. Thus they cannot function and have never functioned as a conservative force against leftist innovation.

The behavior of the Republican Establishment in the face of changes in the political arena brought by the Trump eruption has revealed this for all to see.

Whatever the outcome of the election, Wilson argues, conservatives will have to reform or get rid of the Republican albatross in order to make any progress in restoring order and preserving the historic American people.

Paperback ISBN: 978-0997939330

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